Last Thursday saw a packed cafe for Arcosanti’s Thanksgiving celebration.  Here Cosanti Foundation President Jeff Stein adds to the general cheer.

[Photo by Donald Mahoney]

Delicious turkey and stuffing was prepared by the kitchen staff and volunteers while the rest of the dishes were brought in pot luck style by those in attendance. 

[Photo by Donald Mahoney]

A wonderful part of every Thanksgiving is the visit of family members and alumni. Here are some of this years visitors. From left we have staff Nadia Begin with visiting alumna Marietta Strano, Michael Bittman aka Dr. Sparks, staff Sue Kirsch, visiting alumni Terry Stone and Lori Coletta, staff Randall Schultz, visiting alumna Segolene Gautier and staff David Tollas.

[Photo by Sue]

After dinner the foundry crew entertained with a night pour.

[Photo by Donald Mahoney]

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