All along construction has continued on the stepped greenhouse right below the guestrooms. So many events have taken the spotlight in ArcoNews that there has been little chance to report on the construction team, as they steadily move forward in their effort to complete the first section of the energy apron.

Here we can see the greenhouse site with the guestrooms right above with a small view of the Arcosanti site in the upper background.

[photos by Mitzy Strebel]

On this day a large concrete pour is planed for the uppermost retaining wall of the greenhouse. You can see part of the wooden form right at the top.

The construction crew is getting ready to mix the concrete.

Every part of getting each site ready for a new addition, building and situating the concrete form correctly, working with construction drawings to learn in detail what kind of wall is planned, what type of form is needed, down to the type of concrete mixture appropriate for this particular wall and the permit process involved, all of these steps are a learning process  for the workshop participants and volunteers that are part of the construction team.

Concrete is transported in wheel barrows, here we see construction team member Paolo Van Erp getting ready to pour his wheelbarrow into the form. Greenhouse project manager David Tollas stands by to guide.

The report about this pour continues with more photos on Monday. April 8. 2013.

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