The olive trees at
Arcosanti are all descendents of a rescue mission in the early 1960’s.
Camelback Road in Phoenix was widened and the olive trees lining the
street were to be removed. Soleri and the Cosanti staff rescued a few
of the trees and planted them at Cosanti. From those trees, Soleri
successfully propagated hundreds of new ones to fill the landscaping
needs for Cosanti and Arcosanti. The October workshop spent a morning with the landscaping
department harvesting this years crop of rich black olives in the Minds
Garden. [Photo: nk & text: sa]

Workshopper Nancy
Hackenmiller is picking olives in front of the vaults. [Photo: nk &
text: sa]

Workshopper Steven
Talcott is checking the crop. The next step will be to pierce the skin
of each olive to help release the bitterness. The olives are soaked
twice in a salt brine for 2 – 3 month each. Then resident Randall
Schultz takes over the rest of the process at his company ‘High Desert
Farms’. High Desert Farms is located in Cordes Lakes and provides
delicious canned and dried goods to shops all over the country. There
the olives are pulled out of the brine, rinsed thoroughly, sorted by
size and color and then canned with various herbs and spices. They are
sold at the Arcosanti
Gallery and Visitors Center and used at special dinners at the
Arcosanti Cafe. [Photo: nk & text: sa]

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