Among the treasures in the Arcosanti archives are Paolo Soleri’s sketchbooks. They provide a continuous record of drawings and writing from the 1940’s until the present. The drawing of New York City was done during his arrival in the United States in 1946. It is part of the ‘Ellis Island’ journal. [Photo & Text: sa]

Most of Soleri’s early work is in Italian. Intern Matteo di Michele helps in translating this work. [Photo & Text: sa]

The ink in some of the early sketchbooks is fading. The archive staff is in the process of scanning the sketchbooks to create digital backup and a database of the information on each page. [Photo & Text: sa]

Soleri’s assistant, Ira Murfin, is researching the sketchbooks for information on the early silt-casting documents. [Photo & Text: sa]

There are 14 sketchbooks of various sizes, many up to 400 pages each. The sketchbooks provide a wealth of material to decipher and study. [Photo & Text: sa]

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