PUBLIC RESTROOMS 5 – PLUMBERS: This continues the report from 6/8 on the public bathroom facilities in Unit 8 of the East Crescent complex. Metal framing studs are installed. [Photo & text: sa]

The plumbers arrive for the final installation of the plumbing system. T. Morris Plumbing from Prescott has been part of this restroom project from the beginning. [Photo & text: sa]

As the plumbing is installed, Roger Tomalty and crew to build the outer block wall. [Photo & text: sa]

Tony Morris Plumbing is a licensed company located in Prescott. They have worked with Arcosanti before, specifically with the installation of a new gas supply system for Cosanti Originals, which includes gas lines to the kilns in Ceramics as well as the Foundry, and gas lines to the Crafts III. [Photo & text: sa]

The main utility structure is in place. Report will continue. [Photo & text: sa]

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