A new
workshop is arriving and it’s time for camp synergy. April
workshopper Yoko Suzuki and bakery employee Gwen Birk are shaking out
the carpet during a thourough clean-up of the octegon. [Photo & text:

>>left photo>> Intense broom-guitar is happening during the clean-up of
>>the laundry room. >href=”/workshop/iarchives.html”target=”_top”>
>>Archive intern Ray Lam in the back and >href=”/workshop/icon.html”target=”_top”>
>>Habitat volunteer Brian Syzdek. >>right photo>> The bathroom is
>>getting a new coat of paint.>href=”/workshop/iag.html”target=”_top”>Garden
>>volunteer Karl Swanson and >href=”/workshop/icon.html”target=”_top”>
>>Construction volunteer Austen Humphrey. [Photo & text: SA]

Fergusons box in
front of the bathroom is getting sorted out and as usual there are very
unusual finds to cause giggles. Fergusons has been a place to recycle
clothes and whatever else somebody does not want any more. [Photo &
text: SA]

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