Joyce and Morgan
Saufkie from the village of Shongopovie on the Hopi Reservation on
Second Mesa have been part of our extended family for many years. Joyce
has taught basket weaving workshops as part of our Elderhostel program.
Here Joyce displays two of her award winning master pieces. [Photo:
Saufkie & text: SA]

Early Sunday morning
on March 24. Morgan Saufkie and Adam Nordfors are planting a special
variety of Hopi Blue Corn called “Long Blue Corn” for its production of
very long ears of corn. [Photo & text: SA]

>>Right photo>> Morgan Saufkie is showing us the precious seeds of this
>>Long Blue Corn. He says the cornmeal when used for pudding has a
>>slightly different color than the normal Blue Corn.

Left photo>>
>>Adam Nordfors shows us three ears of corn to point out the much
>>longer Hopi Long Blue Corn. [Photo & text: SA]

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