Signs of
One of Arcosanti’s steps for winterizing the site is putting
up a colorful garment that spans from the roof of the Craft’s III through
the Gallery and into
the Café. This garment acts as a reverse chimney,
using a fan to channel heat down from the roof to the Café level.
Pictured: Carrie shakes out the garment before placing it on the metal
framework. [Photos and text by: Jennifer Thornton]

Eddie and Tom wave from
the top level of Crafts III.

After Carrie and Zdenek
lashed the garment to the metal frame with rope, the “reverse chimney”
was slowly raised up towards the roof.

Eddie manned the
crank to raise the garment.

Tom peers over the
edge. Due to the extreme height, Eddie and Tom wore safety harnesses.

The garment will remain
up until sometime in the late spring.

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