Happy Thanksgiving!
Residents and their guests celebrated Thanksgiving with a potluck dinner in the Arcosanti Café.
Pictured: Michael Bittman a.k.a. Dr. Sparks proposes a toast.
[Photos and text by: Jennifer Thornton]

Ira also lead the crowd in giving kudos to Sue for cooking the Turkeys and trimmings provide by
the Cosanti Foundation.
Justin cooked the Tofurkeys donated by Community Council.

Liz, Carrie, and Eli sample the overabundance of appetizing dishes made by residents, and workshop participants.

Organic pumpkin pie by alum Cheryl Kasdorf, an impressive apple cake by Eli, and brownies by Adam were some of the delicious deserts.

Victor Manuel, and Paolandrea watch Victor pop one of the many champagne bottles donated by Paolo Soleri.

The scene from the Bakery level.

After dinner Ira’s friends put on a historically based puppet show about Thom Thumb in the Music Center. Pictured: Tristan measures his thumb against the Thom Thumb puppet.

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