September Workshoppers posed on the stairs
that they helped pour in Phase Five of the
East Crescent Construction.
Pictured: Sean, Megan, Eric, Jessamy, YeonSook, and Aldo. Not pictured: Kevin, Lou, Chris, and Matteo.
[Photos and text by: Jennifer Thornton]

Another quarterly meeting of all employees and residents was on Thursday afternoon. Department heads
gave reports on their areas, A.L.T. (Alternative Leadership Team) presented the new Arcosanti
Policy & Procedures manual, and the community discussed noise issues. Residents Ira and Yasha were
elected to serve on Community Council.
Pictured: Linda Roby gave a report on public relations and the Italian Promotion Project.

Residents respond to Randall’s report on D’arcomart (our market) & the Pub.

Habitat Manager David Tollas gave a heart felt thanks to all of his construction crew
– giving special recognition to Jeff Buderer, Ray, and Syu for their hard work and assistance.

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