5 a.m., the Construction Crew and Workshop meet to pour 18 1/2 yards (2 walls) of ready-mix concrete.
[Photos and text by Jennifer Thornton]

Instead of pouring on the ground and then lifting the panel up, the first wall is poured in
place using the new rented formwork.

Workshoppers assemble this formwork for one of the “party” (partition) walls to be poured.

Habitat Manager David Tollas guides the formwork into place.

The crew set up different materials to cause a textured relief in the concrete including wood designs by Nadia and Monisha.
[Photo by Nadia Begin]

Midway through the pour, the crane malfunctioned which left 3 yards of ready-mix concrete in the truck.
[Photo by Nadia Begin]

When David Tollas announced the problem at Morning Meeting, staff from almost
every department joined to bucket up the remaining 3 yards by hand.

Periodically, Jennifer Luby gave the volunteers a refreshing spritz of water.

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