Cosanti Foundation president Jeff Stein spoke at the national conference of DOCOMOMO in Houston this past March 15.  DOCOMOMO is the international organization that DOcuments buildings Of the MOdern MOvement in architecture.

[photos and text by Jeff Stein]

In Houston Jeff stayed with Arcosanti alum Dr. Neal Sarahan and his wife Joyce. Sarahan is a developmental psychologist who now directs the Monarch School in Houston.

Jeff also met with Arcosanti alum Peter Jay Zweig, architect and professor at the Univeristy of Houston. Zweig’s architecture students last year undertook a comprehensive design project about Arcosanti’s continued development that resulted in a book that is about to be published.

The DOCOMOMO conference was held on the campus of the University of St. Thomas, designed by Philip Johnson. For architecture buffs, the campus plan is based on Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia, with structural details from Johnson’s mentor Mies vander Rohe’s IIT campus.

DOCOMOMO’s president, Dr. Theo Prudon, professor at Columbia University’s school of architecture, will visit Arcosanti to meet with Jeff in July to prepare curriculum about Arcosanti for his preservation design course this fall.

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