Matt Huntley picked Arcosanti for his Eagle Scout project. He worked with site coordinator Tomiaki Tamura and construction manager Ron Chandler to prepare a trail building project along Arcosanti’s south rim, above the Agua Fria river valley.

[map by Tomiaki Tamura, photos and text by Sue Kirsch]

On September 20th Matt brought the #616 Troop of Boyscouts for the trail-building. You can see the group in the backgroud and the Agua Fria riverbed on the right.

Ron Chandler was the on-site coordinator for the group. It is a big project to tackle, especially as it included building a people gate in the barbed wire fence across the trail.

Here is Matt Huntley and under his direction the group finished the trail in one day with installation of a sturdy gate in the fence.

The gate is a zig-zag affair that lets a person pass but keeps the cows out.

Site coordinator Tomiaki Tamura comments “It is great to see your blazing trail on Arcosanti South Rim. Amazing achievement you, your crew and supporters made in one day. You provided a lot of planning and preparation required for that challenge.

Congratulations and Thank You!

Ethan Frink
Jacob Drew
Ian Gill
Cody Tabor
Jacob Polk
Drew Atchison
Kyle Junod
David Fang
Ariel Tynan
Sam Cherian
Aditya Sagi
Sage Dutcher
Chris Benz
Jared Hutchison
Franklin Petzke
Philip Petzke
Mazhar Badani
Johnathan Vanderhoof
William Vanderhoof
Matt Gallagher
Kyler Wade
Nathan Pol
David Schwartz
Brandon Rush
Chris Stewart
Michael Jepson
Aaron Rasch
Jared Faraxi
Chris Laney
Nicholas Ford

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