We showed photos of the completed East Crescent Keystone area when we reported on 5/1/15 on preparation for the BlueGrass Festival, and we need to go back to explain a little bit about all of the work it took.

The last time we reported on the Keystone was on 3/2/15 about work on the fence around the archive air conditioner, and there has been so much going on here at Arcosanti that there was little time to report on the on-going progress in the keystone, as well as on top of the East Housing roof.

Here is Paolo Van Erp fabricating brackets for the benches in the keystone area.

[photo by Chihiro Saito, text by Sue Kirsch]

Workshop participant Eric Jaren is drilling holes for the brackets.

Here are workshop participant Linnea Larsen and Paolo Van Erp installing the brackets.

The brackets for benches have been carefully leveled and installed.

More to come.

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