This continues our report of the construction of a custom designed countertop. This piece will be in the bathroom and shower area of the East Housing unit under complete renovation [report about the renovation coming soon].

Like mud-pie, the concrete has the perfect consistency and is packed tightly into every crevasse of the form. In front we can see Nickie Bloom vibrating the outside of the form to help the concrete settle and any air bubbles to rise to the top, in this case the bottom of the future counter.

[photos by Sue Kirsch]

The reinforcement steel form is inserted at the halfway mark, measured exactly by the wooden guides that we saw in the previous report.

More concrete is padded into place on top of the steel form.

The top of the form is actually the bottom of the countertop. The crew smoothes out the surface and people are vibrating the form on all of the edges to settle the concrete.

The last stage in this part of the process is performed by Randall and Tomiaki. They are inserting concrete drop-in anchors for the screws that will hold the countertop in place.

More to come.

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