Ken Koshio is part of our extended Arcosanti community, familiar to audiences here through several past performances. In fact he is becoming a familiar face – and his Taiko drumming a familiar sound – world-wide.

[photos by archive volunteer Chihiro Saito, text by Jeff Stein]

Taiko, of course, comes from 6th century Japan.  The Nihon Shoki, the second oldest book of Japanese classical history, tells a story of the origin of Taiko.

In this myth, Amaterasu, who had sealed herself inside a cave in anger, was finally beckoned to come out by an elder goddess, Ame-no-Uzume. Ame-no-Uzume did this by emptying out a barrel of sake and dancing furiously on top of it. Historians regard her performance as the beginning of Taiko music.

More to come.

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