Monday August 21, around 10:33, the moon passed in front of the sun all across America to different degrees. Here in the high desert of Arizona, we saw the moon cover almost two thirds of the sun. Residents and visitors all over site had their special classes prepared as the moon began to peak in front of the sun starting around 9:30. (photos by Ali Gibbs and Shannon Mackenzie, text by Shannon Mackenzie)

(We all watched in wonder. There was a slight diffused cloud cover on Monday, not enough to completely block the sun, thankfully. At 10:43, this perfect cloud passed in front of the dancing celestial objects and we were able to capture pictures of the incredible event without depending on the glasses. Without looking directly at the sun, this picture was captured through the cloud.

There were other effects of the eclipse around Arcosanti to be seen as well! Our wonderful olive trees that dapple the sunlight during the eclipse turned into hundreds of pinhole cameras that projected tiny eclipses all over the concrete walkways. The clouds made this a more temporary phenomenon of the day, but when the sun was at its brightest, you could see this.

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