Last week, Arcosanti was visited by Local Earth. “Local Earth is a nonprofit organization dedicated to upgrading the health and sustainability of our planetary systems. We are doing this by creating a regenerative model for human society that integrates harmoniously with our natural environment. We are cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship with the human species and the entirety of our global ecosystem. The old paradigm ways of fear and competition are becoming obsolete. We are upgrading the operating systems for planet Earth, just as we upgrade the operating systems on our computers.. Earth 2.0 is evolving from a solutions-based modest of creativity, cooperation, collaboration and abundance.”

During their visit, they took time to learn about the Arcosanti project by interviewing different members of the community and employees of the Cosanti Foundation including, Co-president Jeff Stein. These interviews helped to explain the powerful work that the architecture and the community at Arcosanti are doing every day to live a more “regenerative” lifestyle. You can find more information about Local Earth here:

(Text and photos by Shannon Mackenzie)

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