? Today, we complete the report on the Solimene Ceramics Factory.
As mentioned before, Paolo Soleri was asked to incorporate a residence in the design for the Solimene Ceramics factory. He positioned the residential space on the roof level of the main building. In this photo, the residence is visible above the top left corner of the main structure.

? Located five floors above ground level, the house opens up to marvelous views towards the sea on one side and the mountains on the other.

? The exterior walls of the house have been decorated with red and green ceramic cones, replicating the pattern on the front façade of the factory.
We can only be thankful that in 1952, Vincenzo Solimene, the heir of a historical family of ceramists, impressed by Soleri’s clay model proposal for the new factory, made it possible for Paolo Soleri to leave a footprint in his native Italy.
With this, we conclude the report on Paolo Soleri’s Solimene Ceramics Factory at Vietri sul Mare.

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