? The agriculture workshop participants, Melissa, Danielle and Daiki, have been very busy; planting young tomato stalks took up most of a morning for the crew, as it is necessary to handle the delicate seedlings carefully.
Another undertaking was the need for a new fence around the coop for camp’s beloved chickens, and their new downy companions, three vociferous ducks.
Arcosanti peaches have been a hot commodity, as always, and are selling very well at various farmer’s markets in the area. The entire garden team has eagerly harvested the delicious peaches meticulously, happy to provide both Arcosanti residents and the locals with juicy, healthy (and organic!) treats.

? Workshop participant Sonnik was lucky enough to secure a much-coveted spot in the bronze foundry. He has since been working fervently, assisting the foundry staff with odd jobs and making hundreds and hundreds of bell fins!

? Two of the workshop participants joined the Soleri Archives team, myself, Arianna, and Raffaele. Currently we are carrying out the task of physically renumbering a massive slide collection, which has shown to be both interesting and therapeutic for the whole archives team.
Also ongoing is our task of cataloging English and Italian Soleri news articles and books.

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