? This past week, the construction crew worked on extending the wall for the heat duct tunnel.
Here we see the new wall formwork assembled to meet the end of the first section of the heat duct tunnel floor.

? The pour began early in the morning. Since the wall section was only 1.3 yds, the crew batched the concrete with a small mixer.

? This process allows more people from the workshop to be directly involved.
We had new members join in to help with the mixing and pouring of the concrete and the workshop participants had their first hands-on experience in the construction at Arcosanti

? Well done. Everyone’s hard work led to a successful pour.

? While the last section of the wall is left to cure for the next few days, the construction staff begin their next stage of building the formwork for the roof of the heat duct tunnel.

This report continues on 09/09.

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