As we are looking forward to the opening of the first Soleri bridge this week-end, we also want to bring attention back to the exhibition of Soleri bridges right now at the SMOCA Scottsdale Museum of Modern Art, just a few streets over from the new Soleri Bridge and Plaza.

The exhibition is open until January 23. 2011 and features a beautiful collection of Soleri bridge designs, spanning the years from 1948 to now.

One of the large folded scrolls is on display for the very first time. It is dated 1959 and only 24 feet of the 100 foot scroll is displayed at a time. Each month a different set of panels are revealed.

Also three Soleri bridge models are on display.

Tomiaki Tamura put together digital presentations of many more bridge designs from the Soleri sketchbook pages and bridge scrolls and drawings.

This report continues on 12/10/10.


[photos by YoungSoo Kim]

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