This continues our report from 8/3 about the extension of the metal shop wall.

Workshop participant Laszlo Kerekes poured a wheelbarrow of cement into the wall form. From left we have construction crew David Tollas and Guy Flagg, planning intern Julie Pedtke and construction volunteer Paolo Van Erp.

Steady activity from all of the workshoppers, volunteers and crew members, feeding buckets of sand and gravel into two concrete mixers, kept a continuous flow of wheel brrows supplied.

Here is the worksite seen from another angle. New workshop participant from Italy Sara Giorgetti brings another wheelbarrow.

The ground to the left of this wall extension will be filled in, leveled and packed hard. This is in preparation for the installation of an additional water tank.

This report continues on 8/8/11 with more photos of construction activities.

You can view construction of the first part of the wall in reports from 7/19 to 7/26/2010.

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