“Lean Linear City: Arterial Arcology”  is a publication upcoming at the end of September, by Paolo Soleri in collaboration with the Arcosanti Planning Department.

The book will cover the Lean Linear City proposal by Soleri and the philosophy behind it.

The Lean Linear City is based on a modular system. Continuous urban modules shape the linear form of Lean Linear City. Each module will afford about 3,000 people in the 200m x 200m footprint of the module.

It means population density of each module is 320 people per acre and it is three times higher than that of Manhattan, New York City: 104 people per acre.

High population density in the Lean Linear City requires a highly developed logistic system within it and it leads the form of the city to become more three dimensional.

By putting people closer and making the logistic system more three dimensional, the city can perform more efficiently and effectively in terms of marginalizing the use of the car and promoting pedestrian, bicycle and public transportation.

To represent visually this concept of high density, three dimensional form and logistic system, the Arcosanti Planning Department has built a physical model of one module of Lean Linear City. Led by planning staff Youngsoo Kim, planning intern Antonio Chelen from Santiago, Chile and Flavio Borrelli from Naples, Italy built the model.

The photos in this and the following postings show the sequence of the model building and also possible a future construction sequence of a module of Lean Linear City.

This report continues on 9/14/11.

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