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May 2, 2018Like

Solar Roadways Visits Arcosanti

On Wednesday evening the Planning Department hosted Julie and Scott Brusaw, the inventors of the worlds first soar energy panels that might in the future be utilized in the construction of “smart” roads. After acquiring a $750,000 grant from the USDOP Solar Roadways raised $2.2 million on indiegogo,
April 30, 2018Like

Vivaldi Live May 5th

Vivaldi Live, Flamenco in Venice, is celebrating it’s 20th year at Arcosanti! On Saturday, May 5 Arcosanti will once again host the beloved event in collaboration with the Art Renaissance Initiative. This event was originally conceived by Michel Sarda as an effort to “bring Vivaldi’s music to Arizona
April 25, 2018Like

Bridging the Gap

Three musicians joined us April 21 to celebrate the connecting power of music under the beautiful arches of the Arcosanti vaults. World music instrumentalist Scott Schaefer was joined by local guitarist David Merino and percussionist Clay Frankel during this well attended evening performance. The evening began with a
April 18, 2018Like

April 2018 Workshop

Welcome to the April 15. 2018 workshop participants. from left: Paola Avila from Paraguay [workshop and scholarship], Seth Winslow, Brenden Quibin [workshop and scholarship], Jade Kindt. (photo and text by Sue Kirsch)
April 13, 2018Like

Workshop Graduation

Congratulations to the March 11. 2018 workshop participants upon their graduation. from left: Scott Raber stays on for his construction internship, Beth Ann Brown stays on for a few weeks to help in landscaping, Rob Jackson has become part of the team for workshop coordination, Aaron Baca stays
April 11, 2018Like

2018 Strathclyde University partnership

The Strathclyde University/Cosanti Foundation educational program continues this year with the arrival of Lim Chon Keat, known to us as “CK”. As with past participants, CK’s studies include the theory of Arcology, overseen by Co-President Jeff Stein, and sustainable technologies, overseen by Habitat Coordinator Scott Riley. This year
April 9, 2018Like

The dpArcosanti Dam is repaired

With the help of Form production, we have finally repaired the Dam for the Valetta Pond. Both breaks were repeated filled in, dampened, and then compacted, for a good strong hold. The area in front of the damn will now be watered and used as a camping field
April 4, 2018Like

Flagstaff Arts & Leadership Academy visit

On Monday, the Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy joined us for a tour and stayed for lunch in our very own Amphitheater. The students had many questions and were seemingly delighted with our answers. After their lunch, they went on their way, but hopefully we will see them
April 2, 2018Like

Repairs to the Road & Dam

In collaboration with FORM, the Cosanti Foundation has hired a team to work on repairing the Valetta pond Dam and both the high road, which leads from the Minds Garden down to Camp and the Valetta pond, and low road which leads from the Visitor Parking lot down
March 30, 2018Like

Painting the Pool

The pool is getting a touch-up, just in time for FORM! The Arcosanti pool is a much enjoyed and appreciated amenity. First, the pool needed to be emptied, scraped and then acid washed. Then the pool was ready to get painted. Maintenance Manager Richard was the lead on
March 28, 20181

Arcosanti @ Prescott Job Fair

On March 24th, two representatives from Arcosanti exhibited at the Prescott Job Fair, organized by the Prescott Chamber of Commerce. Specifically seeking a Financial Controller and HR Generalist, Shannon and Jesse from the Public Relations Department spent the day meeting potential candidates, talking about work life at Arcosanti
March 26, 2018Like

Northpoint Expeditionary Academy Visit 3/22

This week Northpoint Academy joined us for a tour of Arcosanti followed by a silt cast plaster-tile workshop. Northpoint Academy’s mission is to create a healthy and vibrant learning community to shape students into thinkers and problem solvers of the future. Our resident and Northpoint Graduate Taylor, had
March 23, 2018Like

East Housing Update (wood working 02)

East Housing is coming along beautifully, with final touches being added daily. Our woodworking team built a gorgeous built-in workspace, and this time around that team included Bryce, Erik, Randall, and Patrick. This progress is part of the East Housing Renovation Project, which is well on its way
March 21, 2018Like

March Workshop Seminar Week

Check out these pictures of the March Workshop’s Seminar Week Activities! Our new workshop participants got to dive in and get their hands dirty working on the visitor parking fence project, assisting with landscaping efforts in the minds garden, and making silt-casted plaster tiles.   (photos by Sue
March 19, 2018Like

Board Update

March 9 – 10, the Cosanti Foundation Board of Directors had their annual Retreat at Arcosanti! Board Update The Cosanti Foundation Board of Directors recently held a two-day retreat at Arcosanti reviewing our strategic plans for the next three years. The meeting was a remarkable success! As an
March 14, 2018Like

March Workshop

Welcome to the March 11. 2018 workshop participants. from left: Madeline Visser [workshop and scholarship], Timothy Bell, Aaron Baca, Scott Raber [workshop and construction internship], Beth Ann Brown, Philip Gresham [seminarweek and week 2], Rob Jackson.
March 12, 2018Like

February 2018 Workshop Graduation

Congratulations to the February 4, 2018 workshop participants upon their graduation last week! Kelly Brown from Canada, Bryce Ehrecke from Canada, Aaron Lee, Kevin Keleher, Tom Brown, Dennis McLaughlin.  
March 9, 2018Like

Mount Elden Middle School Visit

On March 7th, we had a total of 67 students along with 12 chaperones from Mount Elden Middle School in Flagstaff visit Arcosanti for a guided tour. MEMS provides a wide variety of programs and classes that focus on college and career readiness. We split up the students into three


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