September 2018 Workshop Graduation

Congratulations to all of the September workshoppers for sticking it out until the end (from left):

Omar Velazquez from Mexico,

Range Kyllingstad from Norway,

Kaleb Johnson,


Tyler Cannata,

Issac Logsdon.

Those that are leaving will be missed, but rest assured they will always have an Arcosanti to come back to!


Jeff Stein’s Sendoff

As one chapter opens, another one closes. This past weekend Arcosanti found itself saying goodbye to one of our Co-presidents of 6 years, Jeff Stein, A.K.A, “El Jefe.” It was a beautiful surprise send off which included brunch, beautiful decor, champagne, impassioned speeches, and amazing friends.

Jeff Stein first interacted with Arcosanti during his workshop back in 1975. While at Arcosanti, Mr. Stein produced Teilhard and Metamorphosis, an international conference and performing arts event about the life and work of Pierre Teilhard deChardin.

After which he still worked with the foundation for quite a stint of time, traveling with other architects across the states and giving lectures and presentations on Arcosanti. Eventually Jeff went off to go follow his own pursuits. A fraction of his professional experience includes developing solar/energy efficient housing/urban planning with Paolo Soleri Associates in the American southwest, including the PROGRESSIVE ARCHITECTURE award winning East Crescent Complex at Arcosanti.

Mr. Stein was most formerly Head of the School of Architecture (2004-2011) and Dean of the College (2008-2011) at the Boston Architectural College

Jeff is now thinking about taking a well deserved vacation. Some people might call it “Retirement,” but there is always something left for Jeff to do for his true work of, inspiring young minds, is never finished. He will be missed, and it’ll be a little difficult to navigate without our former captain, but we are sure Jeff will come back to visit frequently, for over his stay at Arco he has learned to call someplace else “Home.”

(Photos by Sue Kirsch and text by Jesse Fernandez)


This Past weekend Arcosanti had the unique pleasure of hosting Stiltasana, put on by The Carpetbag Brigade. Stiltasana is an event during which participants got to evolve their skills and meet the wider stilting community. There were times during everyone trained and worked hard, and there was much needed relaxation as well.

Those who were present were performers, stilters, dancers, yogis, and just plenty of people with a deep curiosity to explore the capacity of their body.

Classes were provided for all levels of stilters – beginners, intermediate and advanced. And the participants learned a mix of acrobatics, butoh and contact improvisation through still point exercises, partner walks, inversions & oppositions and graceful ground movement all on stilts.

Everyone learned an amazing variety of skills, which are sure to be incorporated into their own performances. If you’re interested in attending one of the Carpetbag Brigade’s workshops and/or demonstrations, feel free to check out their website. This is just one of many exciting things happening at Arcosanti. Make sure to check back in for another scoop, and stay tuned!

(Photos by Sue Kirsch and text by Jesse Fernandez)

Patrick McWhortor named new CEO of Cosanti Foundation

Two weeks ago the Cosanti Foundation made the announcement that Patrick McWhortor has been brought on as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

Patrick brings with him over 35 years of experience working in the Arizona non-profit sector, including experience as the founding President and CEO of the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, a title which he held for ten years. He teaches nonprofit, public policy, and political science courses at Arizona State University, where his is an alumni.

His style is modeled on the the servant/leader theory, by which a leader who knows very little about the day to day minutia of an organization can help it thrive by getting the resources necessary for those who do handle day to day operations to succeed. He also has a dense background in fundraising, one of the current critical needs of the Cosanti foundation if it is to continue in the modern era where nonprofit funding comes with its own set of unique challenges.

We look forward to welcoming Patrick McWhortor into his new role at the Cosanti Foundation, and to helping him realize his vision of an Arcosanti playing a critical role in conversations about education and environmental stewardship for another fifty years or more.

Quintron And MissPussycat

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting Quintron and MissPussycat. They have been making genre-defying noise and hard rocking dance music in New Orleans for over fifteen years, and this weekend they preformed in our Vaults.

The majority of their 14 full-length albums have the psychedelic soul of traditional New Orleans party music filtered through a tough distorted Hammond B-3 and a cache of self-made electronic instruments.

As an intermission for the music, Miss Pussycat hosted a highly amusing technicolor puppet show with the help of Quintron.

And to close out the night Quintron played solo.

All in all, it was a performance that really got the crowd going, and it left people wanting more. If you wanted to find out anymore, about Quintron and/or Miss Pussycat you can feel free to check them out via the link QuintronAndMisspussycat.

We can only hope that you are here next time they perform at Arcosanti, because it will likely be, another magical night. And as always, thank you for checking up on us!

(Photos by Sue Kirsch/Jesse F. and text by Jesse F.)