The design characteristic of the Nudging Space arcology is the APSEDRA (the tall center cluster of structures). Their shape is reminiscent of an artichoke whose upper part and choke have been removed. Its blades are largely separated but remain attached at the base.

The overall form of Nudging Space is intended to create various micro-climatic environments within the building envelopes. To do this Soleri utilizes the concept of “garment architecture” to moderate thermal and lighting conditions. The hot season garment is opaque, providing shade while the cold season garment is transparent and transmits the solar energy and traps the heated air. Furthermore, its curved space offers a focusing convergence that may encourage positive human interaction.

The Nudging Space Arcology is 40,000,000 square meters (400,000,000 sq. ft.) in floor space and designed for 250,000 people.