Vivaldi Live, Flamenco in Venice, is celebrating it’s 20th year at Arcosanti!
On Saturday, May 5 Arcosanti will once again host the beloved event in collaboration with the Art Renaissance Initiative.

This event was originally conceived by Michel Sarda as an effort to “bring Vivaldi’s music to Arizona and familiarize the audience with the amazing story of his life and time.” Michael is an Architect DPLG and was part of the Cosanti Foundation Board of Directors for many years.

Tickets are still available and for an additional $20 attendees can join in a very special “Spanish meets Italian” dinner in the Arcosanti cafe. The dinner includes dishes from both cultures including paella and olive tapenade on crostini.

We hope that you’ll join us this weekend in celebrating two decades of this unique fusion of culture, music, dance, theatre, and architecture in the Urban Laboratory.

You can purchase tickets here:

(text by Tim Bell)

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