About Custom Workshops

For groups of ten or more, we are able to tailor an affordable workshop program for your organization’s interests and available time ranging from one day seminars to intensive research partnerships spanning months. We welcome domestic or international university groups, elementary/middle or high school students and tour groups.  We will work with you to justify academic credits for our program.


You can also rent our facilities to run your own workshop or educational program. If you have questions about the Workshop program, please contact the Workshop Coordinator at 928-632-6233 or
workshop [at] arcosanti [dot] org.

Packages can include:

  • Custom presentations and tours of Arcosanti and the design principles
  • Focused joint research projects that gather needed data and generation solutions for engineering challenges, sustainable systems development, and sustainable agricultural projects.
  • Meetings with key staff to discuss specific subjects
  • Work opportunities
  • Silt Cast Workshop
  • Guided nature walks, bird walks and archeology walk
  • Café meals, special dinners, cookouts or picnics
  • Accommodations


What’s Next?

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