If you are able to commit 3 months in advance and have a special interest in a department and are qualified, an internship may be for you. Many of our departments offer internship opportunities which provide deeper educational experiences and greater opportunity for contribution to ongoing development of Arcosanti as a prototype Arcology. As an intern you will complete the 5-week workshop and then spend 8 weeks in a chosen department.

Interns are responsible for paying the workshop fee. After the 5 week workshop period, interns move out of the workshop dorms and participate in the housing pool for shared spaces and are responsible for meal costs at a subsidized rate.

Current Opportunities:

Internships are available in the following departments:


Archives – We offer internships for those who are interested in Soleri’s work and our archives’ activities. If you are able to commit 3 months and are qualified, an internship may be for you. Requirements include our 5-week workshop program as a prerequisite and working knowledge of software such as Photoshop, MS Word and Excel.

IT Services – The Information Office is looking for individuals with demonstrated skills to work with a team’s guidance and execute projects. One can apply for an individual area or a combination of areas listed below with qualifications.
• Website: Development skills (HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, etc.
• Graphics: Design experience, graphic software/hardware and photography skills
• Network Services: Network systems skills and computer support skills
The duration of the internship is a minimum of 3 months which includes a standard 5-week workshop.

Site Utilities – Internships are available during the winter/spring seasons, beginning with either of the first two workshops for the year. The internship will consist of a mix of hands-on work and design studies, and will be focused on one or more of Arcosanti’s site utilities systems (water, wastewater, greywater, electric, or solar pv). Analytic and mechanical skills are useful! If you have any questions, let us know.

Construction – If you are willing to make a 3 month commitment and have some previous construction skills, or a serious interest in the building trades, a construction internship may be for you.

Landscaping – Work in the Landscaping Department varies seasonally and we work outside most of the time. In the summer when the temperatures are extreme (100+), we start very early to beat the heat. Some days you may be weeding, composting, planting, watering or harvesting. Other days you can expect shoveling and heavy lifting as we repair rock walls or build new planters. If you are able to commit 3 months in advance, a landscaping internship may be for you.

Planning/Drafting – The program includes preparation of construction documents, field inspection and survey, and drawings for future projects. We also plan and design restoration projects on site and research alternative materials and construction systems. If you are able to commit 3 months and are qualified, an internship may be for you. Planning Interns may be able to earn credit through oversight by our licensed Architect. Requirements include; architectural drafting and design experience and proficiency with AutoCAD, 3dsMAX, REVIT (or similar).