In 2017, the Cosanti Foundation received two generous donations from an anonymous source: one for scholarships and one for sustainable technology. Beginning this year, scholarships will be made available for both general Workshops and specific internships. The departments offering internships include: Archives, Public Relations, Planning, Construction, Site Utilities and Cosanti Improvement. Arcosanti Cafe Scholarships are also available.
The foundation is currently investigating alternatives for the utilization of the sustainable technology donation. High on the list of priorities is an expansion of our Solar Photovoltaic systems. More information will be available on our website soon.
For further information and for persons interested in participating, please contact the Workshop Coordinator at

Applications are open for the Charlie Owens Memorial Scholarship!

Robert Charles Owens “Charlie” (3/16/92 – 11/30/16) was born and raised in Denver, Colorado.   A multi talented young man excelling in theatre arts, bike mechanics and banjo playing.  His family and friends marveled at his ability to work with his hands, creating or fixing anything he put his mind to, combined with uncanny ability to teach himself new passions and interests- music, drawing, and auto mechanics.   He loved all animals, hiking, camping, traveling and conversing about making changes.

Charlie spent most of his adult life in the Seattle area and southwest Colorado where he discovered his love for sustainable farming, self sufficiency, nature and championing for human rights.   He spent part of the summer of 2016 volunteering at the Dakota Pipeline protest bycooking meals for other protesters.  He was also strongly involved and supported the Wild Roots Feral Futures gathering to further advance sustainability, communal living and environmental change.

Sadly, Charlie never had the opportunity to visit and experience the Arcosanti Community where he would have thrived with others sharing similar passions.   His family and friends will forever miss his warm, passionate personality and hope that many of his causes can live on.

Find out how to apply here:

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