This past Saturday the Colly Soleri Music Center hosted an evening of ballet, as well as the beautiful voices of Guillermo Ontiveros and Adam Marr.

Also, by popular demand, Jim Covarrubias returned and painted a piece on the stage before our eyes. Two of his paintings were raffled to lucky audience members.

Terpsicore Dance Company opened with several pieces.

The highlight of the evening was a delightful performance by the West Valley Conservatory of Ballet, “Peter and the Wolf”, arranged by Stephanie Savage. Here is the duck swimming in a pond of very young dancers.

The cat is stalking the duck and the bird. In the background is the grandfather, who is telling the story, and on the pedestal we can see Peter, warning duck and bird.

And a thoroughly menacing wolf enters the scene.

A terrific bird and cat, beautifully executed performances.

Everyone is listening, the wolf swallowed the poor duck whole? In the back of the group we can see the hunters, who were very funny and very good in their roles.

The whole performance was gorgeous, very well danced, lighthearted, with skill and precision, beautiful costumes. Congratulations, very, very well done!

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