We are happy to welcome back Walter Parks [see posts from Feb. 7. 2011 and Nov 11. 2011 about previous performances at Arcosanti].


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Walter Parks and Swamp Cabbage return to Arcosanti to explore their southern musical influences. Walter’s electric guitar style is a blend of Scott Joplin’s ragtime and Jerry Reed’s bayou pickin. Jim’s bass barks like a tuba through a fuzz box and Jagoda drums like he’s leadin’ a New Orleans funeral parade. Walter Parks toured for ten years throughout the US and Europe as Richie Havens’ lead guitarist and released his solo album in late 2011.

5:00pm Tour of Arcosanti

6:00pm Dinner in the Cafe

7:30pm Performance in the Amphitheater

$20 ticket price includes dinner and performance

For more information on Walter Parks and Swamp Cabbage see their website at swampcabbage.

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