Last Thursday, May 31. 2012, Paolo Soleri met with the project management crew of the road construction company VASTCO-SUNDT and ADOT landscape project management at the first ‘colored-in’ relief that Soleri designed for several of the new bridge abutments at  and near the Cordes Junction interchange.

[see previous reports from Nov. 4. 2011, Jan 13. and 16. 2012 and June 1. 2012].

The meeting was continued with a tour of the Soleri Archives at Arcosanti. Here is Paolo Soleri and the group in the ‘cold’ room of the archives, taking a look at some of Soleri’s original drawings.

[all of the photos in this report were graciously contributed by Luis Colon Photography]


Several of Soleri’s world famous original scroll drawings were viewed. This scroll is part of the “Mesa City Crafts Villages” series.

Here we see a scroll drawing from the “Macro Cosanti” series.

At the end of the archive visit Paolo Soleri signed a set of the abutment design drawings. All together 26 separate designs will adorn the new bridges and abutments now under construction at  and near the Cordes Junction interchange.

Paolo Soleri with the ADOT landscape project manager and top management of the joint-venture highway construction company VASTCO-SUNDT.


Thanks again very much to Luis Colon for sharing the photos of this event with us.

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