Here is a view from the Arcosanti pool onto the top of the energy apron work site, with the mesa in the background.

We can see the high tunnel greenhouse in the foreground and the roof of the guestrooms.
Two precast panel are moved to be mounted onto the north side of the roof.

[photos: Nadia Begin & text: David Tollas]

Dan and David guide the second precast panel into place.


Crane operator Jenna is waiting patiently for the worker drones to set the precast panel.


A 3 Suns precast panel.


Paolo van Erp and Dan Reiff are helping to anchor the adjustable brace for the second precast panel.

In the background we see the basin that leads to Sycamore Creek with it’s extraordinary petroglyphs.

More to come on 7/09/2012.

[photos: Nadia Begin & text: David Tollas]

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