At the greenhouse construction site, project manager David Tollas is looking over drawings with Yavapai County inspector John Lindstrom.

[photos: Nadia Begin & text: David Tollas]


Structural engineer Jason Hale discussing a proposal for a shade structure for the East Crescent Amphitheater. With him are manager of site utilities, Scott Riley, Cosanti Foundation president Jeff Stein and project manager David Tollas.

Here is structural engineer Jason Hale with the Arcosanti construction crew at the site for a special inspection and a pour.

top from left: Richard Herzog [planning intern], Tristan Tollas, Paolo Van Erp, Tristan Schrager, crew leader Jenna Dern, Jane Tellini, crew leader Dan Reiff and Nikki Luke.

front from left: Jun Ito, Giuliano Govadina, Rawaf Rawaf, Jason Hale, David Tollas with Sasha Tollas and Karla Brent [construction intern].

Jason Hale, president of Core Structures Group – Structural Engineers, with Paolo Soleri. Jason has donated his time on all of the work he has done for the Arcosanti project. Paolo’s expression shows his gratitude for this generous gift from Jason and his company.

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