ITALIAN NIGHT 2012 commenced last Saturday, July 21.

Event impresario Tomiaki Tamura had a meeting with everyone on Friday noon to go over all of the details for each team, to make this a smooth event for everyone. Like in previous years, staff, volunteers and workshoppers signed up for teams that were responsible for all of the different chores, like kitchen crew.

Work  in the kitchen started on Thursday afternoon with preparations for the meal. Here we see Matt Cornwell, who usually works in the foundry, with chef Caterina Loy and volunteer Daniel Desrosiers.

Other teams were setting up chairs in the Colly Soleri amphiteater, setting up tables and chairs, as well as serving and water and ice tea stations, as well as a bar, in the Vaults for the dinner. Other teams were rolling silverware into napkins, preparing the two wheelbarrows for the pasta and preparing flower decorations.

Cosanti Foundation President Jeff Stein with construction intern Karla Brent and workshoppers Samantha Rose and Halley Anderson.

The wheelbarrows filled with pasta are waiting for the grand entrance into the Vaults.

[From the closest] Workshopper Charles Abdel-Nabi, volunteer Giuliano Lovadina, workshopper Patrick Lynch and Maintenance staff Danny Fields.

The first guests arrived in the late afternoon, some took a tour, some enjoyed the light breeze and mellow atmosphere in the Vaults and on the lawn in front of the Vaults with a beautiful view into the Agua Fria valley.

The pasta has been wheeled in and dinner announced.

Colleen and Sean are one of four teams serving Buffalo and Lamb Meatballs, Mushroom meat-less Meatballs and Green Beans with Walnuts, crumbled Feta Cheese and Italian Parsley. Everything was delicious.

There was a long line for ice cream ‘on the lawn’.

COOL GELATO ITALIANO from Scottsdale served Forrest Berry or Coffee Crunch Gelato.

More about this exciting event will be posted on Friday, July 27. 2012.

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