Here are our two newest ceramics trainees in the midst of a “pour”. Jane Tellini, alumni-workstudy-volunteer, and Lee Jieun [Lee Ji]. We are happy they are here with us. Lee Ji is an alumna and has joined our department for a one year training/internship plan created by the U.S. State Department Bureau for Educational & Cultural Affairs; International Center for Language Studies.

[text: Ceramics manager David Hutchens]

Brian Thompson has been in Ceramics nearly three years. Here he is mentoring Lee Ji ….. exposing the subtle nuances of slip casting windbells.

Ceramics manager David Hutchens instructs: 

There are 2 fundamentals in Paolo Soleri’s work: 

1. Elementarity of means exerted on the most unpretentious materials, 

2. Directness of expression [and don’t forget the value of PEACE] 

Here in this Apse Studio is our crew, focused in action. On the far side is Andrea Speed, and if you are lucky she may be your Arcosanti tour guide.


This report continues on 8/1/2012. 



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