Here we are at the kiln, where we single fire our bells to 2134 degree fahrenheit. This is the correct temperature to strengthen the clay and maximize the tonality and durability of a bell.

About 300 pieces construct a kiln load. We load our work as a team – fire is the transformative fuel of our art … “CLAY” … ancient residual planetary substance capable of transforming from dirt, to mud, to stone … through firing!

In our Arcosanti Gallery, these beauties are available, a #702 ceramic bell. Also available for purchase at the gallery in Cosanti, Paradise Valley, and soon to come, on our web-site.

This #19 ceramic assembly is a re-issue of one of Soleri’s original bell shapes from the late 1950’s, early 1960’s.

One of the foundational structures in the footprint of the Arcosanti ecology is this astonishing Ceramics Studio. Powered by the forces of nature, with an understanding of seasons, pre-dominant wind currents, orientation to the axis of the earth & its seasons and of course the sun. 

The apse utilizes sensibilities that are all but lost in modern urban architecture. Except for a small usage of electricity this studio heats and cools year around with passive solar energy. 

Paolo Soleri applied an understanding of the natural world to this design, our studios are insulated by the earth & thermal mass, this structure breathes, is, yes, beautiful and a tribute to the brilliance of the architect that landed it here. 

Constructed in the early 1970’s, we have been producing a steady flow of windbells since 1976. 

Sustainable architecture … sustainable industry … Soleri Ceramics Studio.


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