Here is one more report about this years FLAM CHEN event.

A real treat for the residents here at Arcosanti is having a chance to watch practice performances of this group of amazing acrobats. Here is a photo by Charles Wicker during the Friday night practice, the stilt walkers without their costumes.

Here is architect James Horecka and his wife Shirley. Jim and Shirley traveled all the way from California for this event [and some of the previous events] and has shared some of his beautiful photos with us. You can see some of his Flam Chen photos in the previous reports. Thank you, Jim!!

Each years the Flam Chen crew offers to teach yoga, stilt walking and how to climb ‘the silk’.

Here is the early morning yoga session infront of the Vaults.

Construction crew leader [and crane operator] Jenna Dern on the silk.

A lot of interest in the ‘silk’ workshop.

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