Soleri Archives staff is preparing for an upcoming exhibition PAOLO SOLERI: THINK. DRAW. BUILD. SUSTAIN at the Northern Arizona University Art Museum at NAU, Flagstaff, Arizona.

[Jeff Stein, Theresa DiFuccia, Ty Miller, back of Tomiaki Tamura and Sue Kirsch; photo by Donald Mahoney & text by Sue]

NAU Art Museum project manager Theresa DiFuccia and program coordinator Ty Miller visited the archives on October 1. for another round of discussion about the objects to be displayed.

[Tomiaki Tamura, Theresa DiFuccia, Ty Miller with one of the Macro Cosanti scroll drawings; photo by Donald Mahoney & text by Sue]

The exhibition is scheduled to open on February 19. 2013 until April 13. 2013. We will report more on this exhibition as things develop.

[Theresa DiFuccia, Ty Miller and Tomiaki Tamura with the 2 Suns Timber and Mining model; photo by Donald Mahoney & text by Sue]

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