History Lesson

Late in 1978 Dino DeConcini, then Arizona’s Attorney General and a longtime admirer of Paolo Soleri’s work, approached Paolo with the idea of designing a house for the DeConcini family on a wooded plot of land in Phoenix near the Arizona Biltmore. 

[Ginny Walsh and the 30-year old model of her new house, photo and text by Jeff Stein]

This was certainly out-of-the-ordinary for the architect of arcology; he had designed just one other house: the famous “Dome House” in Cave Creek, AZ… but it was possible!

[Sunshades on the south continue the form of the barrel-vaulted interior ceilings, photo and text by Jeff Stein]

Paolo assembled a team who were concurrently designing the East Crescent at Arcosanti. This included Cosanti Chief Architect Banks Upshaw, architect Andrew MacPherson and interns Tomiaki Tamura and Jeff Stein. Ralph Kratz, engineer at Arcosanti, provided structural engineering on the complex house.

[living room below, dining room above crowned by a vaulted ceiling, photo and text by Jeff Stein]

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