Wedding Welcome Party at Arcosanti Cafe October 12, 2012

Ecstatic chatter filled the three story atrium of the Cafe at Arcosanti Friday afternoon lasting well into the evening.

[photo by Sue Kirsch & text by Mary Hoadley]

The Cafe’s sculptural space with gorgeous circular framed views of the mesa and the sunset made a great party place for the 80 guests who also marked the birthday of the bride’s 90 year old Chicago grandmother.. She threatened to dance on the tables!

[photo by Sue Kirsch & text by Mary Hoadley]

Family and friends of Chequamegon Bollinger and Charles Orme gathered from around the country and around the world to begin their wedding celebration.

[photo of the bride by Sue Kirsch & text by Mary Hoadley]

Caterina and Danny with the usual help of Arcosanti students, volunteers and residents offered a lavish healthy spread of finger food, hot stuffed grape leaves, eggplant Parmesan and fruit cobbler.

[photo by Sue Kirsch & text by Mary Hoadley]

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