Alumnus James Carnahan visited Arcosanti for several weeks and sent two group photos that he took at the end of October. Thank you!!

The Guestroom Greenhouse crew:

[from left]David Tollas, Isaac Mueske, Paolo Van Erp, Shawn Babiochi, Eleonor McIntyre, Dan Reiff, Huang Chong and Julie Quinn.

Morning meeting:

[back from left]:
Julie Quinn [workshop participant in construction], Brent Scott [maintenance], Tony DeGrazia [construction and cafe volunteer], Matt Cornwell [foundry and visitors center], Mandy Shen [planning and construction intern], David Chan [workshop participant in archives], Julie Wayer [foundry], Lee Ji Eun [ceramics studio], David Avila [visiting alumnus], Tony Fragiacomo , Shawn Babiochi [workshop], Sue Kirsch [archives], Paul Vien [purchasing, recycling and vehicle maintenance], Mary Hoadley [Cosanti Foundation director and treasurer], Tomiaki Tamura [Cosanti Foundation director, director of Soleri Archives and graphics], Mitzi Strebel [workshop participant in archives], Dan Reiff [construction], David Tollas [construction], Steffan Phillips [grounds keeping].

[front from left]:
Paolo Van Erp [construction], Colleen Reckow [visitors center and accounting], Aaron Sherwyn [foundry], Danny Fields [guest services], Isaac Mueske [construction, greenhouse], Jane Tellini [ceramics studio], Sam Rose [planning, public relations], Eleonor McIntyre [workshop participant in construction], Andrew Chisholm [modelshop], Huang Chong [workshop participant in construction] and Nadia Begin [planning department].

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