Giosuè Boetto and his cameraman Sergio Cavandoli from RAI Italian Television visited in early March 2012 to interview Paolo Soleri and film in various locations at Cosanti and Arcosanti. They completed a 34 minute documentary that is now shown on RAI Italian Television. We hope to add a link in the near future.

Director Giosuè Boetto Cohen wrote to Cosanti Foundation president Jeff Stein on December 10. 2012:

Dear Jeff,

Our today’s presentation has been a success. So many students gathered that the fire department had to ask some of them to leave, for safety reasons!

The majestic “aula magna” where Paolo got his degree in 1945 was sold out. Many people standing. His smiling face appeared on a large screen  in the middle of the 17th century frescos, together with some of his beautiful drawings.

We had RAI tv coverage starting in the morning news today, continuing tonight and next saturday at the evening local news, plus a special report on national news “Leonardo” on tuesday afternoon. The full documentary will be on air that day, at 8.30 pm (terrific airtime!). Dailies “Corriere della sera” and “La stampa” both published a very nice column.

Today, among others,  Carlo Olmo made the best speech about Paolo spirituality and coherence. He called him a sort of secolar monk, with very ancient roots and very advanced views. He explained the “deep value of the desert” connecting Paolo’s life and theories to meditation and even some figures of hebraism. He also analized the high value meaning of Echology in Paolo’s vision and the environment as a learning asset.

Olmo has been dean of the Architecture College for many years and is now directing the Journal of Architecture. He met Paolo and had a long conversation with him. The present dean Rocco Curto, professor Alfredo Mela, urbanist Cristina Bianchetti, professor Rosa Tamborrino also addressed the audience.

Last spoke architect Franco Berlanda, one of Paolo’s college companions. A touching memory of young Soleri very few could deliver.

As you can see the two and half hours were pretty buzy. Please, bring all this good news to Paolo, tell him that we all have strongly thought of him today, and the students kept silent for all the time, fascinated by what they were watching and listening.

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