photo by Tomiaki Tamuraphoto by Tomiaki TamuraIn 2006 Paolo Soleri worked on a series of skyscraper designs employing his “styrofoam carving” techniques used in his cast metal sculptures for many years. Soleri went further by wrapping his carved objects with net stockings to give skyscrapers structural and architectural layers.
[Photo and text by TT]

collage by Cara Pirrellocollage by Cara PirrelloSoleri called the series “Can-Can,” referring to a French high-energy dance that features women’s legs flying in the air. It is an interesting take on skyscrapers often alluded to some characteristics in opposite gender.

[Collages by Cara Pirrello and text by TT]

collage by Cara Pirrellocollage by Cara PirrelloThis playful side of his creativity resonates with the current trend of sinuous lines shaping the skylines of our cities.

collage by Cara Pirrellocollage by Cara PirrelloBeside the whimsical nature of this exercice, Soleri has always emphasized a serious need for complexification (highly stratified activities) of our build environment.

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