Soleri Archives is in the midst of preparation for the upcoming exhibit at the NAU Northern Arizona University Art Museum. Planning department lent intern Francesca Cusati to work on an intensive condition report for one of Paolo Soleri’s original sketchbooks. 

The archive crew dismantled an 8 foot long framed scroll for soleri archive photographer David DeGomez to take detailed photos of the complete scroll, which is partially rolled at both ends within the frame. [photo: archive volunteer Mitzy Strebel, archive director Tomiaki Tamura and David DeGomez]

The model shop is busy preparing several models. After careful and extensive cleaning, model shop crew Andrew Chisholm is taking detail photos of the Babel Canyon model. David DeGomez and Andrew took a complete photo record for a condition report. [Photo by David DeGomez]  

Each exhibition item has to be evaluated and its condition carefully described. Kate Bemesderfer is writing the condition dictated to her by Mitzy. The NAU exhibition is scheduled to open on February 19. until April 13. 2013. More about the exhibition will be posted in the next reports.


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