We last reported on road construction at the Cordes Junction Interchange on 8/12, 8/15, 9/26, 10/10 and 10/24, 11/30 and a segment of Paolo Soleri’s visit with ADOT, posted on November 4. 2011, a second visit at the first Soleri panel coloration was covered on January 13. and 16. 2012.

Work on the new interchange started in the summer of 2011. It has been amazing to see the construction of four new bridges, two of those to accommodate a new fly-over exit coming north on Highway 17 to Highway 69 towards Prescott, also from Highway 69 going south towards Phoenix. Here is a photo taken in November 2011 from a hill looking towards Cordes Junction. On the very left is Highway 69 with the old freeway entrance towards Phoenix and right infront of us a new road leading right up to the old Papa’s Place Restaurant.

Here we are on the same hill looking at the new fly-over roads.

A closer look at the new exit and entrance to Highway 17.

And here an even closer look. On the right we can see the roof of the old Papa’s Restaurant, we are standing on the road leading up to it. On the left we see the sign to exit 263 Arcosanti Road and Flagstaff, a road which dips and then turns left under the third bridge. 

Part of this new construction are 26 relief designs by Paolo Soleri under the bridges and on the abutments. We will take a closer look at more highway construction and the Soleri designs in upcoming reports.

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