The exhibition at SMOCA Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art explores particular steps in Paolo Soleri’s journey and thoughts as an architect from the late 1950’s to present day.

[photos by Soleri archive volunteer Chihiro Saito]

Mesa City is extensively described in the 1970 MIT publication of “The sketchbooks of Paolo Soleri”, the concept of a hypothetical city of 2,000,000 on a plateau, a Quest for an Environment in Harmony with Man.

This pre-arcology implicitly contains in potential form what was later realized in Soleri’s Arcology designs, described in “Arcology – City in the Image of Man”, also published by MIT.

Soleri Archives at Arcosanti houses a collection of scrolls that explore different parts of the city from living and learning to commercial areas in gorgeous continuous drawings from 5 feet to 180 feet long. One of those scroll drawings is on display here “Mesa City – Higher Learning Center”.

The concept of Macro Cosanti is presented with a collage of three very colorful scroll drawings.

This original model of Arcosanti is 16 feet by 10 feet.

Cosanti Foundation President Jeff Stein reports that 900 people were the most ever at a SM0CA event; at this opening, when he left at 8:45 PM the official count was 1,477 and people were still coming in.

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