Here are a few more photos of the “PAOLO SOLERI: Think. Draw. Build. Sustain.” exhibition at the NAU Art Museum in Flagstaff, Arizona. Fourty-nine drawings and artworks, as well as five models are displayed in three rooms of the Old Main building #10 on the NAU campus.

Included is one of the 1964 Macro-Cosanti scrolls, here displayed in a vitrine. It has been displayed in many exhibitions, last in 2005 in Rome, Italy. On the wall behind it is a scroll from the 1975 Two Suns series, which was first exhibited at the Xerox Center in Rochester, New York in 1975 and has traveled all over the world since.

Director of the Northern Arizona University Art Museum, Dr. George V. Speer with Andrew Chisholm in front of the Babel Canyon Arcology model. The model was built at Cosanti in 1969 and first exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, DC in 1970. Andrew cleaned and prepared the model for this exhibition with the help of Soleri Archive photographer David DeGomez.

Three of the Mesa City scroll drawings are on display, from the late 1950’s, early 1960’s.

Some of Paolo Soleri’s bridge drawings and two of the bridge models are exhibited, here we see the Double Cantilever bridge model, silt-cast plaster crafted by Soleri in the 1960’s.

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